Our story

Agreasy is located in Magliano Alfieri in the province of Cuneo and it is the natural evolution of the family farm. With such dedication and passion, our grandparents and our parents were mainly involved in fruit trees and vineyards until 2016,when we decided to focus our agricultural work mainly on the cultivation of Tonda Gentile hazelnuts from Piedmont.
In 2018 the ancient family farmhouse,placed in the centre of the village, has been renoved and the secular environments were wisely trasformed: in the old stall the laboratory comes to life for the transformation of hazelnuts and in the old living room,characterised by an enchanting barrel vault with lunettes, is born the point of sale.


Why agreasy?

The name we chose Agreasy encompasses the same ethics of the company. Agry as Agriculture , the coming back to the origins,the fact of keeping faithful to our story,with the hard work in the field faced up to new techniques and the constant care for every tree,which gives us its better fruits every single year.
Easy as simplicity: we welcome with semplicity and curiosity all the richness that the hazelnut encloses, by applying to it that pinch of innovation which it also becomes a personal challenge.

What do we do

We grow the variety of hazelnut “Tonda Gentile Trilobata“,
recognized as the most valuable in the confectionery sector,
which we then work in the laboratory
getting our food and cosmetic products.

Discover the phases of our work

The food line

The hazelnut “Tonda Gentile Trilobata”

The Piedmont IGP Hazelnut is particularly appreciated for its qualitative parameters:

  • High yield on shelling
  • Excellent taste and aroma after roasting
  • High natural peelability
  • Fine and persistent flavor
  • Good shelf life thanks to a low fat content.

The hazelnut trees

Our plants have a variable age between 5 and 30 years. All hazelnut groves are included in the control circuit of Piedmont IGP Hazelnuts (Protected Geographical Indication), a Production Disciplinary that establishes the characteristics of the product: from the cultivar to the production area, to the cultivation systems, to marketing and labeling.