What do we do

Our farm extends for 7 hectares on the rolling hills of Roero, in the Magliano Alfieri area, where we grow the variety of hazelnut “Tonda Gentile Trilobata”, recognized as the most valuable in the confectionery sector.

The Piedmont IGP Hazelnut is particularly appreciated for its qualitative parameters:
  • High yield on shelling
  • Excellent taste and aroma after roasting
  • High natural peelability
  • Fine and persistent flavor
  • Good shelf life thanks to a low fat content.

 Our plants have a variable age between 5 and 30 years. All hazelnut groves are included in the control circuit of Piedmont IGP Hazelnuts (Protected Geographical Indication), a Production Disciplinary that establishes the characteristics of the product: from the cultivar to the production area, to the cultivation systems, to marketing and labeling.

This specification guarantees consumer’s quality and authenticity.


After the cultivation period and after the agronomic processes foreseen by our reference technicians, the harvest takes place between August and September. Manual harvesting, which is very expensive, has now given way to mechanical harvesting, carried out through the use of harvesting machines that suck the fruits from the ground. In this phase, various and articulated steps ensure a product of excellent quality.

After harvesting, the hazelnuts are dried in the sun and selected, taking care to protect them from humidity which would cause them to turn rancid. Once dried, the product is stored in classic jute bags in closed and well ventilated areas. The hazelnuts are ready to be shelled and toasted in partner laboratories, after which the product returns to the company where, in part, it is further processed and, after a final quality check, is packaged according to the customer’s needs.